17 October, 2014

Small Flower Garden Quilt

Here is one of the two smallest versions of my Secret Flower Garden quilt.
I love the change in my usual color palette (rainbow!!).

The other version has even a more dramatic look!
Have a great weekend,

15 October, 2014

Interesting back!

I posted so many pictures of this quilt, I just couldn't include more at the time.
While looking for something on my computer, I found these pictures and I remember how excited it was this phase in the process of making this quilt. I think removing the paper templates is so rewarding for any quilter!

with paper templates still attached

without paper templates

And here is how I placed the top on batting. In order to keep the quilt square, I drew  the right angle on batting.

Then I aligned the edges of the quilt with the drawn lines.

I am so anxious to start new quilts and bags, but I still have 4 tops to quilt and 2 bags to finish!

Have a great sewing day,

14 October, 2014

Shadow Trapunto Quilt

Here is a Mariner's Compass block on a 12-side shadow trapunto quilt. It measures 17''.

Most of my quilts are free motion quilted, but for this trapunto design I used the walking foot. I couldn't have stitched straight lines without it.

These shadow trapunto quilts are truly two sided. On the front you see shadow trapunto, on the back is visible the trapunto.

See other shadow trapunto quilts here and if you need some mariner's compass ideas, check out my Quilt Inspiration board on Pinterest.

11 October, 2014

New Raw Edge Applique Quilt

I am making the medium size version of my "Secret Flower Garden" quilt pattern.
I have this Pinhead fabric collection and I couldn't help myself!

Raw Edge Applique Quilt

Raw Edge Applique Quilt

I am glad that there is a white fabric in this collection, I used it for the background.

Raw Edge Applique Quilt

And I made the smallest version too! Actually, I made two versions, and they are a little different from my style! Pictures coming soon!

Have a great weekend,

10 October, 2014

Free Quilt Designs

Free Quilt Designs -for my newsletter subscribers.

A matching design to the one I sent last month. Great for two assorted pillows.

And other two matching designs.
Raw edge applique is the easiest technique to stitch these designs. The white space is perfect to show a beautiful quilting.

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06 October, 2014

Customers' quilts and bags

I am always happy and grateful when my customers share their work with me.
I save pictures in this Pinterest board. Have a look, I randomly chose a few projects to share with you.

If you made a project using one of my patterns and want to share it, please send me a picture or a link. We would love to see it.

Click on the pictures below to go to the original posts.

 Made by Martina


Made by Elizabeth

Made by Silvia

Made by Tiffany

Made by Donna

Made by Shiva

Made by Dilys W.

Made by Patsy

Made by Jo

Made by Brit S

Made by Wendy

Made by Marie

Made by Dawn

Made by MG in Florida using one of my free quilt designs.

Made by Jo

Made by Flickenkunst

Thank you for being my customers and for sewing such beautiful bags and quilts!

Have a great sewing week,

03 October, 2014

Quick gifts to sew

These are the gifts I should have sewn in May and July! So happy I cut them off the list.

I made a simple patchwork for the front of the bag- to ensure delivery before Christmas!

I can't make a bag without sewing two assorted pouches - the gift would not be complete!


And do you know about the horizontal stripes that make you look fat? This bag looks fat too. I used the same pattern and measurements for both bags and this bag looks different!

Happy weekend,

24 September, 2014

Sewing With Faux Leather

I am sewing two new faux leather bags.
While on Internet I read that you need a special foot to sew this material (a non-stick foot, teflon foot - there are different names for different brands), I stitch perfectly with my walking foot.

On my Pfaff (Select), this foot is integrated, it's not a separate attachment. I use it to piece everything, not only for quilting. And I LOVE it! 

This machine is already 13 years old (and it was intensively used)!  It just needed a small repair and it stitches now better than ever.

Sewing With Faux Leather
I noticed how beautifully the foot glides onto the faux leather, much easier than before the repair. So if you want to try sewing with faux leather, make sure your machine is in good shape.  And try the walking foot.

Sewing With Faux Leather

Sewing With Faux Leather

23 September, 2014

How to Sew Quality Quilted Bags

If you are quilter, than there is nothing easier than sewing a quilted bag.
It's a cheaper version of a bag made with interfacing. And with a few tricks, you can make professional looking and long lasting quilted bags.

How to Sew Quality Quilted Bags

You need:
1. quilting weight fabric from your stash
2. lightweight (woven or non-woven) interfacing.

Cut the fabric and interfacing 1'' larger than your template; fuse the interfacing to the back of the fabric.

How to Sew Quality Quilted Bags
3. Then layer the top fabric with a piece of batting and a heavyweight backing.
The best batting is cotton, but if you don't have cotton to hand, any other type of batting work.

The backing must be a heavyweight fabric (I usually use the heavyweight cotton from Ikea): canvas (duck cloth), denim, heavy twill... Other home decor fabrics work too.  It is not absolutely necessary to be cotton. Also, keep in mind that this fabric is not visible in the bag, you could use recycled fabrics too, or piece scraps to make a bigger piece.

How to Sew Quality Quilted Bags
Quilt the sandwich; a dense quilting is desired. You could do it with the walking foot too. Then use the template and cut the quilted piece to size.

How to Sew Quality Quilted Bags
The added lightweight interfacing is important - it makes the pieces sturdier and flatten the quilting a little. It will make the bag look more professional. It's not like you cut away a piece from a quilt and turned it into a bag.

How to Sew Quality Quilted Bags
And here is my very large quilted bag.

It's sturdy and has a beautiful texture and structure.


If you are quilter, you might want to piece the front of the bag. Depending on how many seam allowances you have, you can skip the first step of fusing interfacing to the back. The quilting will be more visible.

What if you use heavyweight fabric instead of quilting weight fabric? Depending on how heavy is your fabric, you might need a lightweight backing (or no backing at all) and/or lightweight batting.

How to Sew Quality Quilted Bags


How to Sew Quality Quilted Bags


For a little girl a quilted bag is the best!!

How to Sew Quality Quilted Bags

If you want it to be softer, do not add interfacing to the back of the fabric and use a fluffy polyester batting.

How to Sew Quality Quilted Bags

How to Sew Quality Quilted Bags

How to Sew Quality Quilted Bags

  • Pre-wash all the fabrics used for bags.
  • Because you will work with heavyweight quilted pieces, it is a good idea to make a test first and see how your sewing machine handles this.
  • Jeans needles are required, the bigger the better (I use Schmetz #110/18 and  #100/16).
I hope this helps and makes you want to sew a quilted bag. At least one for a precious little girl.

See here my bag patterns.

Happy sewing,

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