14 April, 2015

Modern Dresden Fan/Plate Quilt

I am happy to finally share with you my new quilt. A version like this I made first in 2011 and since then I have seen many other on Internet. I don't know why it took me so long to make this one, because this block is fun and the result spectacular. To me the most exciting thing is that no applique or curved piecing is involved. Only easy piecing!

There is no sign of spring here yet, so I am amazed that I managed to take this pretty photo!

Modern Dresden Fan/Plate Quilt Pattern

I name it "PARASOLS"! (with the help of my Facebook friends.)

Modern Dresden Fan/Plate Quilt Pattern

Modern Dresden Fan/Plate Quilt Pattern
The piecing was fun, the quilting was fun as well!

I took these pictures below inside, to see better how I quilted it. I think I don't know to quilt anything else than feathers!

First I stitched feathers on three wedges at once, thinking this way I will finish it quicker. After I quilted half of the quilt, I thought to try quilting only on two wedges at once -  much more fun, easier and - surprise-  quick too! 13 minutes for a block!

Are you overwhelmed when you start quilting on a big quilt? I know I was!

While quilting those first blocks and keeping counting the blocks I still have to quilt, I realized that my thinking was so wrong! I realized that the most important thing was that my sewing machine stitches like a dream with my Aurifil 40wt thread. And I was grateful for that. And then I started to count the blocks I already quilted and not thinking at all of how much I still have to quilt.

Yes, it helps if you are an optimistic quilter!

I stitched the round part of the feathers on the white fabric, to be more visible.

The back.



Pattern available, if you want to sew your own version.

Modern Dresden Fan/Plate Quilt Pattern

I finished these patterns too.


Happy sewing and thank you for your support to my pattern business!

I am linking to Finish it up Friday.

13 April, 2015

Quilted Pillow Inspiration

I have a big box of fat quarters from this wonderful collection - Fossil Fern (Benartex), once you start to use them, it's hard to stop!

The collection has wonderful colors, and the multicolor fabrics are really special.

So here are my four quilted pillows!

Quilted Pillow Pattern

Quilted Pillow Pattern
The colored design is outlined with quilting, the small white space inside the design remained unquilted.

It was fun to quilt the background.

Quilted Pillow Pattern
It's great to sew close quilting lines with the walking foot, but one pillow is enough!

Quilted Pillow Pattern

My  favorite color combo.

The sweetest  feathers!

Quilted Pillow Pattern
I still remember an event from 33 years ago! My geography teacher, standing in front of the class, and teaching the 14 year old girls how to dress well: do not combine green with blue, ever! I think she was so wrong!

Quilted Pillow Pattern
Quilted Pillow Patterns coming in a day or two.


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12 April, 2015

Pretty Zippered Pouches

I admit: on Friday evening at 8PM, after an exhausting day, the thought that I still have to sew two pouches was overwhelming! But once I started, the whole process was fun, quick and easy. The hardest thing that took me forever was to choose the fabric!

I made these pouches for the kids of my future neighbors (hint, hint: we hope to move in our new house by the end of summer!).

Zippered Pouch Patterns
For a little girl- the pretty Kokeshi print is from  the "Hello Tokyo" collection (Robert Kaufman).

Zippered Pouch Patterns

Zippered Pouch Patterns

And how cute and easy to quilt is this print (Robert Kaufman too)?

Zippered Pouch Patterns

Zippered Pouch Patterns

Zippered Pouch Patterns

I used my Little Wonders pouch patterns. I bought the fabric from Romania (I tell you, it is great to have the fabric the next day, but I am sure you already know this)! from Fabrix (highly recommended to my Romanian friends!).

And, quilters, remember: you have the best and cheapest interfacing for pouches to your hand. That small piece that you don't know what to use for. BATTING, that is.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it today!

10 April, 2015

Hexie Love Blog Hop

Today is my day in The Hexie Love blog hop.
I am happy to share with you Hexie Love, a new magazine for those who love everything hexagon. This is the cover of the Jan/Feb issue - the premier issue. And yes, that is the quilt I made with my Romanian friends!

Hexagon Quilts magazine

Hexie Love is the child of Julia Wood, well known for her love for everything hexagon.

Her latest book, MORE Quick and Easy Hexie Quilts, is the second book using the circle technique for making hexies. It includes 10 patterns for quilts and related items. Complete instructions are given for making hexies from circles of fabric. The patterns in the book can be made with ANY hexagon technique, including English Paper Piecing.

Hexagon Quilts magazine

What's the best about the Hexie Love? It's digital!! As I live far away from the quilting world, I sure appreciate this!

Hexie Love includes articles by talented hexagon quilt artists from all over the world. There is always a scrappy hexie pattern, a small hexie project or two, a book review, and lots more hexagon inspiration! There are 6 issues per year priced at $5.99 each. A year’s subscription is $26.99.

Some projects from the magazine:

Center medallion of the progressive quilt, ODYSSEY, which is patterned in each issue of this year’s Hexie Love. By the end of the year, a subscriber will have all the step in the pattern.

Hexagon Quilts magazine

Here are the other participants in the this blog hop:

April 6 Bonnie Hunter

April 7 Catherine Redford

April 8 Linda Franz

April 9 CherylSleboda

April 10 GetaGrama

April 11 Victoria Findlay Wolfe

April 12 Becky Campbell www.facebook.com/sewforeverquiltingbyBeckyCampbell

April 13 Joan Shay


Julia will send a copy of the magazine to one lucky reader, please leave a comment below if you want to be in the draw.
On the last day, Julia will give away a subscription to Hexie Love and a copy of MORE Quick and Easy Hexie Quilts. Follow her blog and enter.

One last though
Do you think that yon don't have enough patience to sew hexagons? I mean, by hand! Try it and you might be SURPRISED!

I am a machine quilter. I like to sew things quickly. And for more than 10 years I thought that I hate sewing by hand. And then I made a hexagon design and I had to sew it by hand, there wasn't any other option. Then I made a few other designs, spent a lot of time sewing them and learned a lot: about patience and the pure joy of sitting and stitching, not thinking at anything else.
Well, actually, the story of my love affair with hexagon quilts is in the first issue of Julia's magazine!

Find Julia here:

Email: Julia at hexielove dot com
Blog: http://thehexieblog.blogspot.com
Website: http://www.hexielove.com

Happy Sewing Hexagons!

09 April, 2015

Triple Pouch - opinions, please!

I love sewing pouches. I made many Little Wonders, Twice as Nice or sweet lace pouches. And now without too much thinking, I made a triple pouch.

Triple Pouch Pattern
A very functional pouch, very spacious, all those three compartments have boxed bottom.

Triple Pouch Pattern
But I have a problem with it: it looks like a big, UGLY box! My hubby thinks it is because of the solid fabric - faux suede. Maybe...

Maybe I could make it with only two zippers. I could use lace zippers (but I don't have any right now). Or I could change the shape a little (but I have no idea how!) or add some tabs.

Triple Pouch Pattern
This was the first version I messed up. The space between two zippers is only 1/2''.  Faux leather is not the easier material to work it, especially when it comes to zippers, but it has a drape like no other fabric, I love to use it.

Triple Pouch Pattern
Does it look UGLY to you? Should I bother to improve the pattern? What do you think?

Thank you!


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