04 March, 2009

Tutorial - Quilted bowl

Here is a tutorial for a quilted hexagonal bowl. And reversible!
quilted bowl tutorial
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quilted bowl tutorial
The bowl measures 13 inches from a point to the opposite point.
I made it using my shadow trapunto technique.

I used these templates:

Download the templates here (this is a "pdf" file; you will need Adobe Reader to open it).
After you print and cut the templates, check out that the bottom side of the "A" piece has the same size as the side of the hexagon .

Make six "A" pieces and one "B" piece. I made these pieces from quilted fabric.

Make a sandwich from a piece of fabric, batting and backing.

Iron a heavy weight fusible interfacing on the backing fabric to get stiff pieces.
Quilt the sandwich as desired.

You can use appliques, trapunto, shadow trapunto or quilted motifs to embellish each piece.

After the quilting is complete, cut the pieces and satin stitch around all edges.
Use a nice backing fabric because the back of the bowl will be visible.
Below is the front and the back of a piece:

Sew the bottom sides of the "A" panels to the sides of the "B" center piece, following this succession:
Use a wide zigzag stitch and be sure you catch the both edges. Backstitch at the beginning and the ending of each seam.

This is how it looks after I stitched all the pieces around the hexagons:

The stitches on the back:

Next, to form the bowl, you have to sew the sides between 2 pieces. Use a satin stitch or a close zig-zag stitch and make it wide enough to catch both sides. Start from the center, take a few stitches then backstitch. Continue to sew and pull the sides together as you sew, so they meet. Sew over them; it's very easy.
Do this for all the sides.

After you completed all the stitches, you will have a bowl like this:

hexagon quilted bowl
The back of the bowl:

reversible hexagon quilted bowlAnd the funny part: the bowl is reversible !

reversible hexagon quilted bowl

If you want to make your own templates, be sure the bottom side of the "A" piece has the same size as the side of the hexagon :
and you must have some distance between two "A" pieces :

Happy sewing!


  1. This is so pretty...thanks for the great tutorial.

  2. thanks - I wonder how those were made.

  3. Great tutorial. I've always thought I'd make some of these one day, but have yet to get to it.

  4. Have always wanted to make one of these bowls. Love your shadow trapunto designs on the sections!

  5. Just found your Web site and love it! This is a great tutorial and your quilting is gorgeous. I hope someday soon you will make a tutorial for how you do your trapunto! -- Constance

  6. E superb,ca tot ceea ce faci.O singura data am facut si eu unul,dar dintr-o bucata si nu a iesit asa de frumos .

  7. So beautiful! I have the book: fabrics and bowls. You can make lovely this from it. Thanks for the tutioral.

  8. Ce frumos este! Am facut si eu unul pe care l-am dat cadou sorei mele!Dar
    quiltingul tau este asa frumos ,mareste frumusetea materialului!
    Multumesc pentru tutorial!

  9. I have been looking at your site and I must tell you that work is beautiful! I will be back to visit often.

  10. The bowl is just beautiful, but I could not get my eye off your wonderful whole cloth quilt. Just stunning work!

  11. This bowl is lovely-love the quilting. I took a class but your method seems much easier!

  12. Lovely bowl, great tutorial - thanks!
    Take care, Sabine

  13. Your work is SO beautiful - thanks for sharing it. (I found you via One Pretty Thing)

  14. Thanks so much for the free tutorial on your wonderful shadow trapunto.

  15. Very beautiful bowl and a wonderful tutorial. I will be making these by the dozens. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Multumesc pentru toate tutorialele pe care le expui pe blog . TOate imi sunt de folos pentru ca toate sunt foarte bine explicate! Ti-am spus vreodata ca am invatat trapunto dupa tutorialul tau? Daca nu , iti spun acum si multumesc again :). La ora aceea tutorialul tau era singurul bine explicat pe care l-am putut urma .

  17. Wow, you make beautifull works, thanks for sharing! I'm going to link you on my blog! Renata.

  18. Thank you for your tutorial. I have put a link to you on my freebies blog. See all that chinese above my comment...it is spam...I got 4 messages from this same person Disa just today....looks like she is spamming everybody...hugs Khris
    p.s. you know you can delete them.

  19. What a lovely bowl, great tutorial, come and visit my blog sometime!

  20. This is a great tutorial...thanks so much!

  21. The bowl is gorgeous! Thanks for the tutorial!

  22. The bowl is lovely, the perfect Secret Santa gift for my sewing group. Thank you for your inspiration.

  23. wow!!! it's a beautifulllllll!!!
    thank you for idea
    by gioella

  24. 1000 de felicitari pentru tot cea ce faci, totul este superb

  25. This is too cool. I already have some fabric in mind I want to try out that I saw at www.thefabricemporium.com

  26. I made one! Take a look at my photos:


    Thanks so much for the tutorial - I shared it with so many people. :)

  27. Ciao Geta.
    I made one too. Thanks for the tutorial.

  28. Wow awesome!Thank you so much for this comprehensive tutorial! You have explain it very well to understand easily and follow them..

  29. Beautiful bowl and excellent work. I found your tutorial so easy to understand and follow, but one question.... What is a trapunto? I have a lot to learn and appreciate your time taken to post your experience. Ruth in Washington

  30. I'm just now seeing this, Geta, but it's beautiful! I've seen these in a local quilt shop, but didn't realize just how easy they were to make. How fun!

  31. Geta, thank you so much for this tutorial. Your tutorial not only has taught me how to make these but it has encourage me to try new things. I have learned so much and I am very appreciative. Check out my work if you get a chance!




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