05 April, 2009

Quick and easy quilt - Tutorial

I made this quilt for my mother's birthday. It took me just 4 days to piece it and quilt it.
This is an easy project for a beginner quilter and a very quick quilt for a skilled one.

I made the sketch using Electric Quilt. I love Electric Quilt. You can scan your fabric, import them in the program and see how your quilt will look like even before you cut a single piece of fabric.

Quilt size: 83.5" x 95.5"
Number of blocks = 6 x 7 = 42
Finished block size: 12" x 12"
Borders 1 and 3 (finished width) : 2"
Border 2 (finished width): 1.75"
I didn't have enough fabrics for borders
so I made mine without borders.
This is the block:

The placement of blocks (row #1 and row #2 then repeat them) :

A variation in the placement of fabrics,

will produce a different quilt.
Choose the design you like more:

Block piecing
You can use a plain square in the center of the block or a Kaleidoscope square.

For a better look, variate the size of the center square (well, I did that because I didn't have enough fabric but it was a clever option !).

There are so many posibillities:

Have fun !

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Michaela said...

I love the quilt! Simple with the big impact, perfect! Thanks

Mary L. said...

Wonderful tutorial!

Beena said...

This would be good for a fabric with a print that a person wants to showcase. I have a collection of coffee themed fabrics that I don't want to cut into strips or just chop into. This looks like an easy way to make a quilt using those prints. Thanks for the great post, and more great ideas!

Vicki W said...

This is a very nice pattern. Thanks for the thorough instructions!

Molly said...

Incredible! You are so gifted!

Sanda said...

Ce frumos e quiltul asta, si este genul acela care parca te indeamna sa incerci! Dar nu ne-ai spus cam cat material ne trebuie din fiecare culoare...Mai tii minte ca eu am materialele acelea cu rosu/crem pe care le-am cumparat prima-prima data? S-ar potrivi.

MARIKA said...

My mare respect dvs. minunat frumoase lucrari. Kivánok încă foarte mult de lucru frumos Marika

Kate/Massachusetts said...

Thank you, Geta! I love the quilt!

maggi said...

This was always a beautiful quilt. Thank you for sharing the technique.

Guute said...

Lovely quilt! I also like EQ very much. Thanks for your tutioral.

Jackie Russell said...

Great Tutorial! I love the look of the floating blocks.

Marika said...

Geta! Thank you,

West Michigan Quilter said...

I love your pattern. Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

Nanci said...

Your tutorial is amazing. I can do this.
Please visit my blog, and enter my giveaway...it's for people who visit me only.

pam@gingerbreadsnowflakes.com said...

You are so generous to share your tutorials - especially this one! I will be making a smaller version.

quiltaroo said...

Hi Geta Grama! Thanks for the tutorials on your blog - the whole blog is a treat to read through! Thanks very much.


DIDI said...

Thank you for this tutorial. I think it is great. I'm having a look at the rest of your blog and I'm having a really good time.

Carla said...

Love your tutorial! I'll be sure to link to your site, too.

Regards, Carla from Feathered Fibers

Frogdancer said...

What a great look! It's so effective. Most quilts are so square on square that this one looks bright and fresh by comparison. I've bookmarked this one...

Kayjay said...

Oh my Geta.. I was going to try and work out a pattern to do exactly this tonight but as usual got sidetracked.. and look you've done it for me..that's amazing. I'm going to start it now. Thank you for sharing.

Fiber Babble said...

I have a set of 24 BOM blocks that all should be 9½" square but (as is often the case) are not. This is a PERFECT way to set them to show off the blocks and not draw attention to the inconsistent sizes.

Thank you!


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