24 November, 2009

Fun with stripes- Quilting Tutorial

Probably many of us like using strip piecing in our quilts.
But how about using striped fabrics ? Instead of piecing strips use some striped fabrics...

Learn to use striped fabric
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Lately I have played a little more with such fabrics and I love them. And I love even more what I can make with them.

The fabric I used for this tutorial is a heavy cotton canvas from Ikea. My recent obsession is making bags and this is a nice fabric for bags.

I always prewash these fabrics because they shrink.
Pre-wash your fabrics with much care to not distort the stripes. Don't use steam for pressing.
If you use quilting fabric and usually pre-wash them do that with the same care.

So, what can we do with these fabrics ? Let's see...
Cut a square then cut it on both diagonals

From two squares we can make two blocks like these

Using 2 green squares and 2 red squares

from half of the triangles we can make these 2 blocks

or these ones

and using the other half ( see the placement of the white stripes on these triangles)

we can make one of these three blocks ( hard to choose just one ! )

The next two methods apply for fabrics with stripes of the same width.

From a long strip cut rectangles;
the width of a rectangle = the width of a strip +0.5" (for seam allowances) ;
offset the rectangles and sew them together.

Place the ruler 0.25" away from the points and cut

Using more than two stripes

I forgot to add seam allowances and the diamonds are not perfect...

The method described above is called Seminole patchwork.
Many variations can be created by changing the number of the strips (stripes), the angles of the cuts and the way the pieces are sewn together.
Making octagons

I used a triangle ruler ( Kaleidoscope ruler from Quilt in a day) to cut the triangles.

Octagon from striped fabric
Cut two squares and cut them on the opposite diagonals.
Set aside the inner triangles and piece them to make squares.
Repeat with the outer triangles.

These quarter blocks can be arranged in this way:

I used this method for this quilt
Making fans

I use a 15 degree fan ruler

If we don't close the circle, we can make a beautiful tree skirt.
(cut a larger circle out from the center if needed)
Quilt and bind around the edges.

I will make a bag :)
But how about beautiful quilting fabrics like this one ?

How to cut these quarter triangles using a rectangle ruler.
May I say that I am a fan of Creative Grids rulers ?

Align the 45 degree marking line of the ruler with the edge of the fabric and cut.

Rotate the ruler, align the other 45 degree marking with the edge of the fabric;
keep the already cut edge of the triangle parallel with a marking line of the ruler.

Making hexagons -
using 60 degree triangles with three equal sides

hexagons from striped fabric Use the rectangle ruler in a similar manner as we used above.
This time align the edge of the fabric with the 60 degree marking of the ruler.

These 60 degree triangles can be also cut using this triangle ruler.

I will combine all the pieces I sewn for this tutorial with some solid colors and the original stripe fabrics and I will use the new pieces for making some new bags.

I hope this tutorial is helpful for some of you.


  1. It looks like you are having a grand time with the stripes!

  2. Tutorial fantastic! Ce mult imi plac materialele in dungi... Idei fantastice!

  3. Wonderful tutorials Geta! Gets my mind working with new ideas. Thanks!

  4. Thank you Geta, some really useful ideas here. Thanks for sharing. Janet

  5. You are a genius! Thank you for the tutorial.

  6. Delightful tutorial. Thanks for sharing. I will give your insights a try soon.


  7. What a lot of good ideas to use stripes!

  8. Geta, thank you so much for the great tutorial. I am not comfortable with stripes, will try your methods and I am sure it will come out great. Happy thanksgiving to you!

  9. Geta - thank you, thank you, thank you!! (((hug))) Wonderful pictures and instructions! Your tutorials are fantastic :)

  10. Great tutorials, Geta! Thank you!

  11. Thanks so much for broadening my mind....great tutorials and fantastic ideas :) hugs
    Vicki...Oh I didnt win your last giveaway...I was so dissapointed :) Maybe next time :)

  12. Thank you Geta for this tutorial, simple but very helpful and inspiring.

  13. Thank you for the great tutorial!
    Very clever!!!

  14. thank you so much for all your tutorials..you are so generous!!thanks,i have your blog on my list of favourites on my blog!!

  15. WOW so many great ideas. Thanks!

  16. Multumesc pentru tutorial! Te invidiez pentru rigle! Mainile tale dibace fac insa imbinarile atat de exacte!
    La cat mai multa inspiratie!


  17. am I awake ?? or I dream ??? is this really true ??? I can't believe it!
    please don't call me, don't write me, I'm extremely busy putting in practice all those GREAT ideeas. :)))
    hugs? no way !isn't enough;). I must say a big THANK YOU. :))
    do you have more ? :)))I must find a way to lock myself in home this week-end...

  18. wow, I will never look at stripes the same way! Thank you for sharing I'll have to try out a few things!

  19. You are so creative! Wonderful tutorial!

  20. Creativa ca intotdeauna! Si ne oferi atatea idei!Tutorial din care intelege oricine din orice colt de lume!

  21. oh my! what else can i say in front of this perfect show of ...quilting genius!

  22. Excellent ideas! I'm going to have to find some striped fabric soon so I can test some of them out.

  23. Thanks Geta, what great tutorials you done for us. I have to say I couldn't do many of these without your tutorial.

  24. I'm going to look for striped material today. I still haven't had time to try your shadow trapunto, but after this weekend I am itching to try it. Thanks for all your fun ideas!

  25. Hola he llegado a tu blog a través del de Victoria (España)geniales tus tutoriales. Yo tengo hecho uno sobre como hacer un Cuenco/Bol, distinto al tuyo, es otra forma de hacerlo. Besos

  26. Hola yo también he llegado a tu blog a través de Victoria (España), es muy bueno tu blog!!!.
    He puesto un post con tu dirección del blog en el mio y he puesto la foto de tu trabajo.
    Espero no te moleste, en caso contrario me lo dices y lo borraré.
    un abrazo

  27. Geta,
    Thank you so much for this tutorial on using stripes. I appreciate your lesson. You have done the calculations, so we can cut our fabric without wasting any! I can not wait to get started.

  28. Thank you! Very useful and illustrative tutorial. Just as many new ideas emerged.

  29. Great stripe shortcuts, Geta!

  30. Love this tutorial, great ideas. Thank you so much for sharing.

  31. so simple but simply effective Geta. I love what you do with fabric, and I will never look at a striped fabric the same way again!!

  32. Geta-You are very talented and make it look so easy. Thanks for sharing your talents!

  33. What fun....now I won't shy away from stripes....I'll be looking at them in a whole different way...Thanks!

  34. Great ideas, Geta! So much easier using striped fabric than piecing for stripes.
    Squares and triangles are such fun to play with.

  35. Thank for the great tutorial and show how fun is play with spuare and triangle.

  36. Mil gracias Geta!
    fantastico tutorial!
    Haces unos trabajos muy bonitos.

  37. all the pictures really help to visualize the possibilities. very inspiring!

  38. what a fabulous tutorial! I never knew how many options there were from using stripes. I really have to go give this a try! Thank you so much!

  39. This is the first I have seen of Trapunto! I LOVE IT and hope to do it some day. Your work is GORGEOUS and you look like you have so much fun!!! Wish you lived near me here in FL!!! Warm hugs.. Janet

  40. What a fantastic tutorial for stripes. Thank you so much.

  41. This is quite amazing! Thank you for sharing all these ideas.

  42. Geta, you are one very talented lady!!! Very creative! Thanks for the great tutorial! Barb W in MN

  43. WOW, I love what you did with stripes!! You are one talented lady~ Thanks for sharing with us, I aim to try these!!!

  44. WOW! Those are AWESOME! I can't wait to find the time to try some of those patterns!

  45. Wow your use of stripes is amazing. So many possibilities.

  46. This was wonderful! Thanks so much for the great tutorial and excellent ideas!

  47. hola !!!
    me encantan tus ideas, son absolutamente divertidas !!!
    un beso !!
    mi-au placut ideiile tale,sunt foarte distractive.

  48. Great Tutorial!!! Will try it soon! Thanks,


  49. In primul rand doresc sa va felicit pentru blog. Am gasit lucruri utile si practice pt. mine.
    As dori sa va intreb ce masina de cusut Pfaff folositi?
    O masina de quilting specializata?
    Eu doresc sa achizitionez o masina de cusut casnica si am o dilema daca sa cumpar o masina de quilting sau o masina obisnuita care are program de quilting si ca accesoriu se poate achizitiona separat un dual feet.
    D-voastra ce tip de masina recomandati?

  50. wow! you are fabulous! i cant wait to try some of these
    thank you!

  51. A great tut!! Thank you. I love how you make stripes 'work' for you. Very impressed. Will be thinking of some of those designs for my own quilts. (I am VERY new to it all.) Thank you again!

  52. maravilhosa demonstracåo! obrigada eu amei!!!

  53. Thanks for the very interesting and informative tutorial. As a new quilter, I'm always looking for variety to save and try some day.
    Thanks again, Kathy.

  54. I love (and collect) striped fabric! Great tutorial!



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