19 May, 2010


I just bought a new bolt of batting for my future projects.It measures 84"x 55 yds.
I did not sell my house to buy it ! Because I did not buy it from abroad ( if you don't know that shipping is so expensive for batting, lucky you!).

I am still lucky because for most of my quilts I can buy batting here in Romania.
It's a thick fluffy polyester batting but it works wonderfully for many of my quilts.

A few days ago I quilted a small quilt with cotton batting. Which reminded me the difference between quilting with thick and fluffy batting and quilting with flat batting.

It is so easy to quilt with flat batting- much less chances to develop creases during the quilting.
So, I don't pay more money for flat batting, but I pay with much care and much work ! And many pins used for basting the layers (I don't use safety pins) and sometimes with a few re-pinnings ! I know what I mean ! Because I made this quilt !

This is the third bolt of batting I bought in the last two years! I don't know what I made with so much batting ! Oh, I remember...many quilted bags, and many shadow trapunto quilts...


  1. Have you thought of ironing it between fabric (not with iron right on it), it will flatten it out so you can quilt better. Just a thought....

    1. Thank you very much for your idea. It works.

  2. I have so much sympathy. I am working on two commission quilts. They wanted thick fluffy batting. It is driving me crazy.

  3. Wow that is a lot of batting.

  4. In the 1970's, there was a time where super fluffy quilts were popular. Almost a comforter. It was common to take "two" layers of thick poly batting...but difficult to quilt (by hand back then too).


  5. You still do lovely work, whatever the batting! If you don't use safety pins, have a look at these and watch the video. http://pinmoor.com/ I blogged about them last week and they're great!

  6. i too just bought my first roll of batting last year. Here in Malaysia it cost a bundle for these luxury items but one thing good about my supplier, he also looks at those manufactured in Korea. The quality is quite good and I also enjoy the low price since shipping is greatly reduced.

    Happy quilting.

  7. Vatalina ce ai luat e vatalina clasica la care in magazine se zice Melana? In poza pare sa fie cava mai subtirica.

  8. Ah yes, the cost of shipping batting, I'm very familiar with that :o). Be careful if you decide to iron polyester batting, if your iron is too hot it will melt. Your cat seems to like the new batting too, very cute!

  9. wOw!! I know you do a lot of quilting, but that batting makes me realize how prolific you really are!!

    Can't wait to see the new projects you create :)




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