11 April, 2012

Zig zag quilt finished

This is such a quick and easy quilt. The pattern can be made with half square triangles (a lot of work!), but I used this tutorial  - piecing strips, cutting squares and piecing blocks on point.

I would have liked more a quilting done with perfectly straight stitching  (and walking foot).  But rotating the quilt under the needle every few inches is not for me. Not now, at least. I don't have enough patience. So I admire those of you who can do it!

I have a new friend- this lint roller. Since this is a baby quilt, I thought it needs to be perfectly clean before I start quilting. I don't want to catch cat hair (or my hair) in the stitches.
After I made the quilt sandwich, I rolled it over the surface of the top, just before adding pins to keep the layers together.

And I used it a few more times until the quilt was finished and wrapped in a pretty paper. It's a present for a baby.


  1. It is gorgeous - I love it! ~Jeanne

  2. I love this adorable little quilt. I feel inspired to try one like it.

  3. I love this quilt - it turned out sooo cute! I know the problem with hair and cats hair. I used to have a lint roller too but it was way to fast used up so I start using duct tape.

  4. Que hermoso trabajo de zig-zag!!!!

  5. Great finished look - the quilting looks great.

  6. Both your quilt and your blog are delightful. Everything looks so crisp and clear. Thank you for sharing.
    Penny Boden



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