23 November, 2012

New Frame Purses

All these are 3'' frames, perfect for Madame Samm's pattern.

Dots in the favorite colors of my sisters.

And some lovely prints.

This frame is very beautiful, I have to order more -  fortunately, from Romania!

Stay away from this type -  there is nothing to hide the top stitching; the stitching on the inside looks more beautiful!

The color of this frame is horrible,  I have to keep it for me!


  1. Love the fabrics and the frames. Cool!

  2. quite lovely Geta....I love the quilt in the background though

  3. Love the coin purses and frames, it is too bad that we have to shop so far to find good frames.

  4. I love these. I was actually able to resist buying the pattern until I saw yours. It's okay, though, I enjoy being enabled! :) Where are you finding your handles and thread. Other than Madam Samm's recommendation, I am finding it difficult to find other sources!

  5. Inspiring! I've already bought and downloaded the pattern. Then went to Quilt Taffy for some frames! Looking forward to making these! Thank you!

  6. Son presioso, ¿donde encuentro una tutoria para intenar hacerlo? gracias.

  7. Ohhh wow Geta..you are into dots too...and your choices stunning...I can hardly believe those handles on the side with hearts..those are adorable...but not quite as much as your coin purses...

  8. I love your little purses. I think I will make them for Christmas next year. Where did you get the handles with the little hearts on the side?



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