17 November, 2012

Teach Me - 2-

Piecing batting!

If you quilt, then you have lots of batting scraps.

When I need batting for smaller quilts, I search  first in my bags of scraps. And I hope to find a piece large enough for my current project. But most of the time, the pieces are too small. And I am in a hurry. And then I cut  a small piece from a large piece!

Wouldn't be better to find some time for piecing batting ?

Photo from Chasing cottons
Click on the picture to learn how to piece batting.


  1. I have pieced batting but never for a project that would be well used and washed such as a quilt; it worked fine for wall hangings and the such. Of course, one must have the time to piece it.

  2. This made me smile; I saw the picture and thought "that looks like how I do it." And then "wait a minute" and then I realized it is my tutorial over on Chasing Cottons. Thanks for posting it! I just pieced some batting this evening, for a mini quilt.

  3. Tin minte ca pe la sfarsitul anilor '80 mi-am facut un palton ajutata de mama si am folosit exact acest stil de a innadi battingul a.k.a. vatelina :-)

  4. Yep, I like to do it, too, except for wall hangings = pieced batting doesn't let it hang flat.

  5. I piece batting all the time. I like to use up what I have.



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