05 December, 2012

Paper Stars

Yesterday I played with glitter paper.
I made these stars, following this tutorial. 

Quick and easy ! The stars look great if you glue them on a window. And if you use semi-transparent paper, the pattern of the star looks even more complicated.

It is very easy to fold the 8 pieces.

Glue can be used to assemble the star. Since my paper was very thick, I stitched them together, using  invisible thread.

Here is the back of the star.
This star can be easily made out of fabric and then it could be appliqued on a background fabric.
A very easy and quick star block.

And the best tool to get rid of all the glitter from your clothes, desk or floor ? The lint roller!

Now to see where to hang them, I think they will become the favorite new toy of our two cats!


  1. Thanks for posting Geta ! I love these... I was looking for something simple to do to pass out to friends that drop in this season and for bows on packages! This is IT! I think I will make up a basket of them :)
    Thanks for the tutorial. With a little ribbon on top will hang nicely on the tree too!

  2. Your stars are beautiful! Thanks for sharing the link.

  3. Very pretty stars! Thanks for the link!

  4. A beautiful project! Paper stars that look quilted, I love it.

  5. Smart and simple.. :-)
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks for sharing the tutorial....they look amazing!!

  7. thank you for sharing my link! I never would have thought of using glitter paper, they look great.
    I have just been having a look at your quilts, amazing work!

  8. Those stars are so pretty - I can see them in fabric too as tree decorations. Thanks for the link.

  9. A very good idea...Thank you!

  10. Замечательная идея! Получилось великолепно!

  11. Lindas estrelas,adorei!E o rolo eu tenho,uso na hora de passar roupas.



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