28 December, 2012

The last bag of 2012

Hello everyone,

I have you all spent wonderful time with your family!

Here is the Chantal tote bag I managed to sew before Christmas for a friend.
It is made out of decorator fabric, quilted on polyester batting and a layer of duck cloth.

It is so easy to make a quilted bag -  no need to buy interfacing,  wait until it arrives and then wondering if it is the right thing for your bag.
The lining is canvas. A lining made out of the proper fabric adds so much to a bag!

Have a great weekend,

I am linking to Finish it up Friday.

Edited: The pattern for this bag is now available.


  1. Very nice! Beautiful color and fabrics.

  2. I like the color, the fabrics, but most of all, the quilting! I'll make one too very soon after your pattern!

  3. Your work is always first class. I love the style of the bag and especially the colours and quilting.

  4. A wonderful bag...I like this colours, too!

    Greatings Klaudia

  5. The texture of that bag you made is fantastic looking!! Wonderful work!

  6. This pattern is wonderful: every bag is different, only by changing the fabrics!
    I love the quilting, too!

  7. Lucky friend, Geta! I have one of your patterns and it on my list for the new year.



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