09 January, 2013

A new beginning

Happy New Year!
Are you ready for a new year of sewing ?

I have a lot of plans. This is the first year I make plans ahead of time. Maybe because I still have a lot of unfinished projects from the last year. Or maybe because there will be many events in my life this year.

Until now, I wasn't organized at all. I chaotically  worked 12-14 hours a day. And now I feel that if I want to still quilt in 2013, then I have to make some changes.  Mainly, this means I have to gain some good habits.

The first habit  is a 30 minute walk every day and a 30 minute workout every day.  I already tried many times without success. Maybe now I have some stronger motivations -  like my 20 wedding anniversary!

On Mama Jenn website there is a free printable that helps you keeping track of your progress.

Would you like to join me ? Are you up for a challenge ?
I will start on Moday.

Happy Sewing in 2013!


  1. Da, asta da! Putina miscare zilnica!!!

  2. I can walk, but don't know about the workout! lol good luck.

  3. Geta,I'll try no more smoking, OK?
    About your 30 minutes the walk and workout mean one hour daily, or the same time, 30 min.? :)

  4. I'm doing a 21 day thing over at Habit Forge ~ it's really helped me with a few things I've wanted to change. Anything that helps is a good tool to use!

  5. Great minds think alike Geta. I've been thinking of doing some walking since last year. I've always been physically active but the last few years I'm mainly sitting sewing or looking at the internet. I'd love to join you. Knowing others are joining in is a good intensive. I've downloaded the free printable and am ready to start with you. I'll just be doing the walking for the first 21 days though. Little steps. LOLLLL
    Hope you keep us updated on your progress.

  6. I've been doing some goal setting too. Can you actually walk for 30 minutes? If not, do yourself a favor and start smaller. Do you live somewhere you can walk every single day? Maybe a goal to walk 5 days a week would work better. It is Winter in Pennsylvania. When it starts snowing I'm not going out for a walk. Have you tried a pedometer to find out what your actual activity level is? I have been using one for a while and it is very useful.

  7. I just found your blog through Maria (Mia's Creations), I like the idea of ​​starting to walk, I just print your printable, now I have to start writing my walking times. I have begun to follow you by mail and I'm also a new follower here. I'm glad I found your blog!
    Marisa from



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