14 January, 2013

I gained more sisters...

... or the challenging project of 2013.

After the meeting with my Romanian quilting friends, we decided that it is the time to work together on a group project. And after  my wonderful experience of working with my sisters for this quilt, I thought that would be great to repeat it. The only difference will be that there will be more sisters involved! And the pattern will be different!

So I chose a design I made some time ago. I loved it but I thought that I will never make it; it is one of those projects that you don't even want to start it because you are sure you can't finish it. 

So this is our challenge for 2013: we want to make it. The whole quilt will be hand stitch using English paper piecing. The fabric is Kona cotton.  And it will be huge-  almost 100".
But with 7 persons working  on it (me, my sister Nina, Ela, Silvia, Sanda, Mihaela, Ortansa) and with the occasional help of my other 2 sisters,  we hope to finish it  some time this year.
I am happy that Sanda and Mihaela accepted to be part of this, they have never stitched hexagons until now but they are anxious to try.

I started with the hardest part, and  it is only about 1/3 of what I have to make.

Working at this scale is an experience that teaches you that stitching regular hexagons (of decent size) is really easy!

The large pieces (the easy  part :))- were stitched by my sisters Oana and Nico, I did not want to scare them!

Happy stitching to us!
We have to stitch about 1250 irregular pieces and about 1250 regular hexagons.
From time to time I will show you our progress!

Have a great stitching week,


  1. Geta - in English we would say you have the patience of a saint! I am sure this will be beautiful.

  2. I'm sure this is going to look amazing as does all your work. I wish I had the patience.

  3. I am waiting for sneak peaks of this through the year. I have just started on your flower ball hexie pattern, but have reduced the size by half, so have some sympathy with the small pieces.

  4. love the colors. I understand the hexies but what are the little pieces?

  5. Wow, I wouldn't want to tackle that without a lot of help from other people either! Who gets to keep it when its done?!

  6. How much fun will that be! Do your friends live close to you? Will be looking forward to seeing your progress.

  7. Sisters? Yes! A project with much work but also much love and fun!

  8. This loos very interesting ; ) have fun with your new sisters!



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