15 January, 2013

Tips for cutting hexagon templates

Tips for cutting hexagon templates for English paper piecing Many people buy already-cut hexagon templates.
But if you need only a few or an unusual size, or if you don't want to wait 2 weeks to receive them (my case), or if they are too expensive (my case again), here is a method that cut the time needed for this task by 2, 3, 4 or even more.
I would have loved to know this method when I cut 3400 hexagons, one by one,  for my Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt.

So let's cut hexagon templates!

Hexagon Templates for English paper Piecing
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You need:
- a hexagon printed sheet
- blank pages
- cutter
- glue
- ruler and cutting mat.

Use your favorite paper. 

Hexagon Templates for English paper Piecing

Your hexagons must be printed like in the photo below. To cut them, you have to cut on the dashed lines; these are straight lines you cut with a ruler and the cutter.

Hexagon Templates for English paper Piecing
Do not use sheets printed like in the photo below - it's just a waste of time! 

Lets' start!
Put underneath the printed paper, 2,3 or even 4 blank pages -  it depends by how thick your paper is.
Glue the pages together to keep them aligned ; apply glue on the green areas shown below.

Hexagon Templates for English paper Piecing
Here is how my pages look like; the glue was applied first on the top area; then apply the glue on the bottom area.

Using the ruler (I use a quilting ruler), cut first on the red lines - through all the pages. Before moving the ruler to the next cut, make sure your cut goes through all the pages (cut twice if necessary). The cut must extend a little past the printed area.

Then rotate your cutting mat and cut on the green lines, starting from center. Do not extend the cut past the paper's edges.

Here is a picture of my papers.

Hexagon Templates for English paper Piecing

Remove the outside paper.

Hexagon Templates for English paper Piecing
We have now stacks of 4 rectangles. 
Using the sharp point of scissors, lift up one stack from the cutting mat...

...keep all the pieces aligned  with the top rectangle (there are 4 rectangles in the photo below)
Cut on the lines to remove the corner triangles.

Hexagon Templates for English paper Piecing

And here it is: 4 hexagons instead of 1! 48 instead of 12!

Hexagon Templates for English paper Piecing
 I cut 96 in about 10 minutes.

Hexagon Templates for English paper Piecing

 If you need some hexagons, download the hexagon templates.


  Print the size you need!
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Hexagon Templates for English paper Piecing

I hope this helps!
Happy  (Cutting and) Sewing Hexagons!

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Betsy @ Anna Nimmity said...

Great tip! Thanks!

Susan said...

Thanks so much for the template ad the handy hints.

Rumi said...

You could staple the sheets. See my offer:

Katarina said...

Well that helps a lot! :) Thank you so much for sharing such great tips. I'm still a beginner in patchwork and quilting so I love to visit your blog. I always find something helpful.

Geta Grama said...

Rumi, I also thought to staple the papers; but I found out that the staples are inconvenient for the ruler, if the ruler touches them. The method is great if the ruler is smaller and do not touch the staples.

Frau Seidenhase said...

Thank you :)



West Michigan Quilter said...

Thank you so much. I recently needed a few and tried to make my own, but it didn't work. Nothing lined up like it should, so I had to buy some. Thanks for this post and the templates.

Mommarock said...

Thank you SEW very much for the hexagon download! This is very kind of you, and will come in handy for years and years!!

Kate said...

Great tip and template - thank you so much!

Cliodana said...

wow amazing thank's. i want to try hexagone piecing but never found a template and tuturial to make it thank,s a lot

pinsandneedles said...

Thanks Geta for the template link and the cutting tutorial!

rinks said...

thx Geta...lovely post..and a great tute !!

Elizabeth said...

Wow! Great tip! Thanks for the templates!

xo -E

Sherri D said...

I am curious, I am still working on quilting my hexy quilt and I used the printed sheets like the one you showed that you said was a waste of time. May I ask why?
Is it because it is more labor intensive than your method? btw, I wish I had seen this before I cut out my thousand or so hexy papers using that printed paper! lol
My quilt is a king sized one and I am hand quilting it. I hope I live long enough to finish it!

(I don't plan on dying any time soon!!!)

Diann said...

Thank you. These are terrific!

Kathy said...

Wow, am I glad I stumbled upon your blog. I will be subscribing to your newsletter next. I've been looking for good hex templates and found yours today, which happens to be my birthday! So you just gave me a birthday present!! Thank you so much!

Peggyinno said...

Thanks for the great tutorial! I didn't think I would ever do English paper piecing, but my next hand project may have to include it, since you made it very easy for me to start!!

Maria said...

Brilliant idea. Thanks for the tutorial. I may just do a small project to get me started.

Mercury said...

Great tip! Thank you!!!!!!!

Mara said...

This helps alot thank you, I will be pinning and putting on flickr for a hexagon bee that I am in.

Rosa said...

Thanks you so much!

Kay Lynne said...

Thank you for the great tip!

Maria Josefa said...

Olá Geta!
Adoro visitar teu blog, pois além de ver coisas lindas, sempre aprendo novidades com voce.
Essa aula de como cortar os hexagonos mais fácil e rápido eu simplesmente adorei!
Muito obrigada por sempre compartilhar conosco seus conhecimentos!
Um grande abraço,
Maria Josefa

msalleycat said...

Brilliant! I just printed some out to prep so I can start sewing hexies on my weekend car trip!

manos de chicureo said...

A great idea. Thank you.

Lynn said...

Very clever Geta....thanks for the tutorial.

MoeWest said...

Thanks for the template. It will make the cutting much quicker. How thick does the paper need to be? I always thought these hexie papers were thicker than regular printer paper but in your photos it doesn't seem to be a thicker paper.

Su said...

Una buenisima idea, un mètodo ràpido y super eficaz gracias.

Linda Joyce said...

Hi Geta,
Thank you for the GREAT tip on the hexie print outs..

I want to do the Twisted Hexigon pattern,,So if I were to use the 1 1/2" Hexagon, I would cut that hexi in half long ways, is that correct? I believe it is but just checking..or I someone else knows please email me LJeterpudd@aol.com,
thanks! Linda J VA USA

leanne said...

thanks so much Geta - what a great way to cut out the templates - I've done them one at a time before so this will be way quicker and easier - thanks again :)

Lina said...

Wow this is great tutorial. I'm a beginner in patchwork and quilting so I decided to start with a little project which is based on hexagons. Yesterday I spent more than 10 min cutting 20 hexagons :D If I only could find yesterday your blog could be much easier :)
Multumesc, Geta!!!

Linda J said...

How very clever of you! I can see that you have had tons of practice needing 3400 of them. WOW. I found the link from a friend's blog that is actually making hexies. I aspire to some day, LOL.

My Life In Quilts said...

Thanks for the tips. I kind of do this but I do it with a big paper cutter, and I use card weight paper. I usually print the hexagons on all the pieces but realized the last time I did that I only needed to print on the top of the two I was cutting. My page has 15 hexagons per page so I manage to cut 30 at a time. It's so easy!

Irene said...

Nice tip and template, thanks for sharing.

maria celina ariza quintero said...

gracias por la plantilla


Ria Klopper said...

Thank you for the tutorial and the Hexagons, it save a lot of time.

liniecat said...

Brilliant method! Im one third in on a hexi cover but need to cut more and will def use this method! thanks!!

Deb said...

What an easy way of cutting hexies. Thank you. I love the bowl...so cute

legato1958 said...

Awsome help to cutting many hexies! Thanks


Miranda said...

You've made my life way easier! Thank you for posting this wonderful tutorial :)

Gmama Jane said...

Nice tutorial and templates. Thanks very much! My daughter in law visited Romania with a group from our church. WE partnered with a church to help make it bigger and stronger but it was over 14 yrs ago. She brought back some of the most beautiful handwork table cloth I've ever seen. I'm so shocked that the women do not quilt?! I thought ALL women knew about quilting!!?? How did you get interested in quilting and how did you learn?
Gmama Jane

Vera said...

That is such a good tut! Thank you very much!

cq4fun said...

Thanks! I use two sizes, 3/4 and 2, and I will mess around with the printer to get the 3/4 from the 1 inch ones. How kind of you to share this!

Silvia said...

An excellent help! I made a lot of paper hexagons in just a few minutes! Thanks Geta!

Debra Pugh said...

Thanks for the great printouts. For those that find they don't print exactly the size they are supposed to - try reprinting them and clicking the button on the print box that says keep original size (mine defaults to make fit the page) and it will come out perfect.

Palak said...

This tutorial is absolutely brilliant. I featured it at my frugal sewing site Sewistry-- http://sewistry.com/2014/01/tips-for-cutting-hexagon-templates/

Please contact me with any concerns. I just had to share this awesome tip!

sewbluetiful said...

What size seam allowance do you use on the hexagons?


michelle said...

This is great! Thanks for the tips. I have just recently started doing EPP and am hooked! This helps a lot. :)

Ειρηνη Σ said...

This helps a lot.
thank you

Marienne said...

I have just found your blog and this tutorial is great as I have just started EPP this will save me heaps of dollars,Thank you
Will be following from now on

Marienne said...

I have just found your blog and this tutorial is great as I have just started EPP this will save me heaps of dollars,Thank you
Will be following from now on

Marienne said...

I have just found your blog and this tutorial is great as I have just started EPP this will save me heaps of dollars,Thank you
Will be following from now on

Kimetha TURNER said...

This is amazing. THANKYOU for the free downloadable templates and all the different sizes!!!!! BrAvO!!. thankyou so much. I will be a follower. kimethameliea@gmail.com

Stickbaer said...

Many, many thanks from Germany!!!

I like your post and your templates.

Best regards

Yvonne McNeill said...

Thank you very much for the template. I have always wanted to try Hexies but the thought of cutting up the fabric and the paper was too much. I found that the 1 1/2" Hexie works great with 4"sqs that I have a huge pile of and the 2" Hexie works great with a charm sq. Thanks again.

Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

lovely clear pattern and instructions, very generous! You asked if we have other requests, if you look at your hexie sheet, you will see two rows of two-part hearts. Could you make a printout just for those hearts? Do you have conversation hearts candy there? I can see these with little life memos on them.
Thank you, Sharyn in Kalama

kate jackson said...

you angel- I was seriously put off starting a hexagon project because of the papers - I have 100 to get me started in 10 minutes flat - like I said - angel!

Cyndi Adkison said...

Thanks for the great information! Would you be able to do something like with with the fabric hexagons? How do you cut those, rotory cutter?


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