21 January, 2013

Vintage Paper Dolls

I have a new obsession: dolls! Kokeshi dolls, Kimmi dolls, any dolls. I spent days on Internet browsing doll designs and wasn't happy with the limited doll fabrics I found. So in the future I think I will print some dolls on Spoonflower.

Then I found these vintage paper dolls on Etsy - also printed on Spoonflower.
I paid a small fortune for them, but I couldn't help myself! Too cute not to have them!
What do you think ??


 The largest one measures about 10" and the smallest ones - 3".

I bought them with the intention of making some boxes like these ones, but then I realized that this means empty boxes forever!

So I have to make something for me, something I can see every day, but not a quilt. Do you have any idea ?

Have a great week,


  1. Love those dolls, but I was going to ask you what you had planned for them, so can't offer any suggestions. Look forward to seeing what appears in the next few weeks.

  2. they are adorable! maybe each doll in her own block with a cute border and then sewn together would make a lovely quilt or made into a mugrug for a little girls tea party!

  3. I have seen fabric dolls done up like this with fusible fleece or timtex/peltex fused behind it so they can be used like paper dolls, something to sort of stiffen to hold their shape. deanie dot dreams at gmail dot com

  4. Pdrias hacer algun bolso algun cuadro.

  5. Geta have you seen 'Sukeshi dolls'created by Susie Mcmahon from Australia??
    Just go Google and type in 'Sukeshi dolls'.. visit her web site- she is one talented artist and very generous giving teacher

  6. But what if they are box TOPS? Then it doesn't matter what is IN the box.. The larger dollies would be great as sketch book covers, then you could replace the sketch books inside them and keep them forever!! :) They are WAAAY too cute!

  7. What fun. I loved paper dolls when I was a girl and would give anything to have saved the ones I had. I've looked and looked on E-bay hoping to find some of the same ones but never any luck.

  8. Lovely little dolls! I think that if you'll use them on the sides of the boxes, or a grup of 4-5 boxes hanged on the wall, boxes for your quilting tools, pens...

  9. Sooooooooooooo sweat! Isn't it lovely to put them al in a line up? Or indeed that idea to put them on top of covers of boxes is cute!

  10. The boxes would still be lovely, but grouped together on the wall. Who says a box has to be filled up and sitting on a table or desk? I like the idea of the journal covers. Use them on pockets, coin purses, fabric gift bags. What a fabulous find!

  11. The small ones would be so cute embellished with beads and stitching, then used as ornaments or strung together as a garland, especially in a little girl's room (or those of us big girls with doll obsessions!)

  12. These dolls take me back to my childhood! I read this blog post yesterday and was reminded of it today when I happened to be at the local library picking up quilting books that I have renewed (too) many times. On the "new" shelf, I thumbed through a book and happened upon a page with a quilt made using similar dolls. The book is "Fresh From the Clothesline" by Darlene Zimmerman. I can email a picture of the quilt if you like...really sweet. I'm a huge spoonflower fan! Made quilts for my grown sons for Christmas with some of their special fabrics.



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