13 February, 2013

Basting fabric to paper

I am disappointed by the bad pictures I took last night, but I like to have some "work in progress" pictures of our group quilt.
These are the pieces basted by me and my 3 sisters. As always-  it is great to have sisters (and many!); I don't know what they love more: to help me or to baste hexagons!

You wouldn't say, but here there are almost 700 pieces.
Some of them needed a lot of patience (I am still wondering where I found it)...
...like these ones...
But now that I finished with them, I forgot the pain...

And these are Silvia's and Ela's pieces -meticulously basted. We had to individually cut fabric for each paper template and we tried to maintain consistent seam allowances; well, I was puzzled by their consistency! Compared to theirs, my pieces seam a joke!

The other 2 friends, Sanda and Mihaela,  are basting regular hexagons for the background of the quilt and they do a great job! 
I am happy that I had the chance to learn more about my skilled friends!

Now  I have all the pieces for the center of the quilt- about 1200.
Tomorrow I will start to put the puzzle together.


  1. Oh my! What a huge work behind, and even more ahead! Hugs!

  2. Looks so great! Keep up the good work!

  3. Wow! Those little skinny ones must have been difficult!

  4. All your sisters love to follow you in such wonderful experiences like this, I'm sure! I can't wait to see the whole puzzle done! Good luck and pacience Geta!

  5. I'm just starting a scrappy hexagon quilt, can't wait to see yours! x

  6. Well..... every hexagon has a label? That´s a great and organized job!

  7. Cata rabdare ati avut sa le asezati la locul lor!!!!



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