01 February, 2013

New Tote Bag

I managed to sew the winter tote bag for my sister Oana before the end of the winter!

The quilt fabric is "quilted" on Timtex interfacing.

For a tote bag, there is nothing better than an exterior pocket. The pocket is constructed the same way as the pockets of my other bags -  only it's half of work (one pocket instead of two)!

My sister will "test" it and soon I will write the pattern.

Oana has a new Entrelac beret, knitted by my sister Nina, a new bag was  a must!

Happy weekend,

If you want to stitch a bag like this one, the pattern is available here.


  1. Hermoso bolso.Las telas, son muy coordinadas.
    la boina, me Encanta!!!!
    feliz viernes

  2. You and your sister are talented ladies - I like the bag and the hat.

  3. What a great idea to quilt to Timtex. Love the bag AND the hat. You and your sisters are so talented!

  4. The bag turned out great and I too love a pocket on the outside. What a cute beret as well.

  5. Very nice bag! I like the fabrics and the quilted lines. It was difficult to knitte the Entrelac beret? It looks lovely!

  6. I have become addicted to making bags so I think I will have to become a follower - I love the bag you have here - very very cool!

  7. the bag is great, i like the flower fabric

  8. This bag is gorgeous!!! I can't wait for the pattern to be released!

  9. Love the bag and the fabric, do you know what line it's from?

  10. Your bag is wet but the Tammy wht we use to call them - what your sister made is adorable....I used to wear these all the time when I lived in France

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  12. Oh I like this new bag--can't wait til the new pattern is posted..I assume it will be a Epattern? I have made 2 of your Chantal bag--1 medium size & then made 80 or 85% smaller than that one same fabric (now I will have to decide which size to use on vacation soon.

    How large is the bag as it is now?



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