28 February, 2013

Patchwork quilt top done

The top is finally done.
8'' blocks; 12x12 blocks= 144; it's huge: 96'' x 96''.

The block is from my Disco Balls pattern

I made this pattern twice, both quilts  ( this one and this one ) were made with solids  but I wanted to see how the pattern looks made with prints.

For almost one week, while I pieced it,  I was worried that I wasted my time and my precious fabric . Lately I have worked so much with solids that I thought I lost my ability to work with prints.

So I was happy when the piecing was done and I could see the whole top.  I LOVE it!

Most of the fabrics are from the "Apple of My Eye" collection by  Quilted Fish for Riley Blake; a few Kona cotton solids and a few other prints.  I loved each piece of fabric and each combination.

More than aqua+red combination I love aqua +yellow.

I love yellow but I don't have too much yellow fabric in my stash. Now it is gone.

A lot of patience was needed to sew the 144 blocks;  I enjoyed to stack the blocks though!
There is something beautiful even in this picture.Of course, only quilters could appreciate it!

Next week - the quilting!

And these are pictures taken by  my hubby this morning - the landscape from my window.

And he is our guest - the 9 year old cat of  my sister Nina. The third black cat in the house. He was sick and we had to bring him to the vet daily, for 2 weeks. Now he is OK -  enjoying sleeping on my quilt that was in Houston in 2008- what an honour for the quilt!

And two pictures from his youth!

Now I would enjoy some hand stitching!


  1. your quilt is gorgeous but so is the view from your window!

  2. Beautiful view and beautiful quilt!

  3. Your quilt looking really great! Love the view from your window and the pictures of kitty!

  4. Delightful post, you've spoiled us! Delightful prints, amazing quilt, wonderful landscape, awesomeold cat! Big hugs to you all!

  5. The quilt is so pretty made with prints too. I love the photos out your window - what a view! The colors in those landscape photos are just beautiful.

  6. Sweet quilt ~ love the fabrics used.
    Lovely photos ~ how nice to have such views!
    Glad the kitty is feeling better too.

  7. I like so much the colours of the big quilt! And the pictures you made with the blocks are lovely!
    The landscape is great, you are so lucky to have such a view from your windows.
    Hope the old cat is better, your precious quilt make him feel good, I'm sure!

  8. Geta, the quilt turned out so beautiful! I am glad you decided to try the prints!

  9. A beautiful quilt. Lovely colour combination and a great design. I'm a painter, I painted a landscape and ended up writing about quilting! I wonder if you'd like to read it. Cottamarts.WordPress.com/stitched-in-place



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