21 February, 2013

Triangle Corner

I was missing making a patchwork quilt. But I wasn't prepared for 144 blocks! Who makes a king size quilt with 8'' blocks ?
But I started it so I have to finish it.

Adding these squares on the corners (to make triangle corner) is the only time consuming step.

But there is a way to speed up the process. Without drawing a diagonal line on each square or fold the square to make a crease.
This is not my invention, I saw it on many sites on Internet. Thank you to the clever quilter who invented it!
You have to place a piece of tape on the bed of the sewing machine so that its left edge is in line with the needle.  It doesn't matter the position of the needle. I keep mine in the center.

Here is a close up.

Position the piece with the top corner of the small square in front of the needle and start stitching.
While stitching, guide the other (bottom) corner along the edge of the masking tape. Do not look at the needle. In this way you stitch exactly on the diagonal line without marking the diagonal.

I can't say it is not boring to do it for 144 x 4 times!

Edited to add

Pictures of the quilt top
Pictures of the finished quilt


  1. I like that block, how do you make it, would make a wonderful child's quilt.

  2. These types of quilts are called Snowball quilts when all 4 squares are straight, not sure what they're called when the squares are wonky--do you know? I'm working on a variation of the Snowball quilt right now, they must be a good winter project. Post pictures of the finished piece when you can, I'd love to see it!

  3. I also know the ordinary snowball but this is new to me.
    Good luck with the rest of the blocks.
    regards Ingrid

  4. Great idea! Thanks for sharing it! And those blocks are beautiful! Love the fabrics!

  5. Hoping your dream comes true. Great idea using tape as a guide.

  6. I drew a line on my machine for just this reason (it's forty years old, so I didn't feel bad about it) I'm getting a new machine soon, so now I may be back to tape. And FYI, I finished the Building Blocks top from your pattern--hope to be able to get it quilted in the next month or two--the pattern was really easy to follow. Only change I made was to reverse applique the circles on. The top is on my webpage if you want to see it. :)

  7. As I know you, you'll finish it very soon! Looks wonderful!!!!Thank you for the tip.

  8. Love your free patterns. Could you please some time show us how you use your free patterns....examples?!

  9. Lovely candy colors Geta--can´t wait to see your finished king!
    Hugs from Germany and happy quilting, Bobbi

  10. I do this too and it is the only way that I can make the snowball corners. Thanks for posting as it is one of the most useful tips I've used so far.



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