04 March, 2013

Pin It Button

Usually I start my day drinking my cup of coffee while I browse Pinterest. I confess I spend a lot of time there, much more time than I can afford!
If you want to keep track of all the wonderful things you see on Internet, you probably already have a Pinterest account with lots of boards and pins.

For easy pinning, I installed a "Pin It" button on the toolbar of my Internet browser. It's easy to do it -  just drag the button on your toolbar.
The "Pin It" button is located here:  Pin It 

For bloggers
If you have a blog and want to make easy for your readers to pin images from your blog, here is an article about how to install a button that appears when you mouseover or hover any image within a blog post.
Click to see the tutorial.

When you move the mouse over the picture, a button will appear on the picture, notice mine in the top left corner.

When you click the button, it auto fills in the pin description with the title of the blog post and you also can add the name of your blog.

Click for the tutorial- Thank you, Greenlava!.

1 comment:

  1. Thank YOU - I haven't ventured into Pinterest - I already spend enough time on Blogs - but this is a great tip - so I hope I can remember where I file it away!



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