16 April, 2013

Quilter's Favorites - 1 -

Quilter's Favorites will start in less than one month so I thought to share with you a quilting tip with every new post until May 10th.

I finished the quilting onto the flower sphere. For an 100'' quilt, the quilting was incredilbly easy. 
Which remind me the thing I think is the most important to a sewing machine used for quilting -  the space under the arm - the bigger the better.

I have an industrial machine I use only for free motion quilting;
the space under the arm is 10.25" (it's huge in comparison with
the 7'' I have on my domestic Pfaff).
The whole quilt is under the arm and there is still space for more.

I started the quilting onto the background - simple, there is enough complexity onto the sphere.

Happy Sewing,

Edited to add


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  1. It really is looking so gorgeous, Geta! What a lot of quilting!!

  2. so many think you have to "send" your quilts out to long arm quilters to do - it is nice seeing such wonderful quilting done by the quilter on a regular machine.

  3. Stunning! The Colors and the quilting too :)

  4. Your quilting is amazing! Beautiful!

  5. I couldn't be without my Juki. And I also use it for all my piecing. Makes the perfect straight stitch.

  6. Your quilting really sets off the piecing without distracting from it. What a stunning quilt.

  7. MI-NU-NAT!!!!!Ce efect are are!!BRAVOOO!

  8. Great quilt, and the space under the machine is great for quilting.

  9. The quilt is looking beautiful!

  10. You do the most amazing quilting with your Jack ~ I'm completely impressed!

  11. Wow, Greta! That quilt is SO amazing. I really love the neutrals in the border, and the colors in your hexie flowers are beautiful!

    Since it is a group quilt, who, of the 9 of you, gets to keep it? If it would save some arguing between friends, you could just give it to me ;).

    xo -E

  12. Wow. All free-motion. No quilt frame!!!



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