18 August, 2013

Hexy Hint #2

Hopefully, one more hint tomorrow!
Have a great Sunday,


Raewyn said...

Gosh another completely different look... thank you for the hints!!

cottonreel said...

Love your work Geta . I am also passionate about patchwork and quilting .
Best wishes , Kathleen

Debby said...

Geta. I can't wait to see your hexie project. I know it will be breathtaking. Yikes! Just seeing your sneak peeks has given me goose bumps. Your work always inspires me. I can't wait to try quilting some of my own Fossil Fern hexies like you have (and the Fossil Fern idea came from you, too).

Jacqueline said...

Your work is absolutely stunning.

Silvia said...

What different spectacular change! Love this too!


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